Meet Dani


It’s Dani (she/her), CEO + Founder of Live Like You Green It. I handcraft a collection of truly sustainable, ethical and effective skincare that is:

100% Vegan | 99% Organic | Zero Waste

When I began my vegan and low-waste lifestyle, I realized that buying naked produce and thrifting was not enough. True sustainability had to be reflected in everything I bought and especially, every product I put ON my body. 

Eco-friendly products on the market weren’t made with BIPOC in mind. They also did not meet my fully vegan and low waste standards (plastic + package free, compostable, biodegradable). 

So I went on a mission to create the most inclusive, effective and sustainable products- handcrafted with quality and purpose.

Free of-

〰️ Preservatives

〰️ Synthetic Fragrances

〰️ Plastic (except for dropper tops)

〰️ Toxins

〰️ Cruelty 

〰️ Gluten

Because you deserve self-care you can feel good about. 


Live Like You Green It!

💚, Dani