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Meet the Maker

Hi, I’m Danielle, the accidental solopreneur that invented your favorite hair oil.

I am a Miami native (Go Canes!) and proud Afro-Carribean. I am a US and Dutch citizen, born to a Dutch Carribean mother and a Manhattanite of Dominican descent. They were both entrepreneurs, so naturally I despise authority.

I am creative through-and-through and consider all mediums a seamless continuum of self-expression. I draw, paint, write songs, poems and copy, take epic photos, sing, play guitar, 12-string, and ukulele among other fleeting and lifelong passions. Creating is the most natural thing I do, besides falling in love with men quite easily.

I enjoy working and creating alone- in silence or to blaring music. My music tastes are eclectic and exquisite. I learn best when I teach myself and crave solving problems; my attention to detail is uncanny. I've taught myself chemistry, formulation, SEO, web and packaging design, and so much more- it's been exhaustive AND exhausting.

A lover of nature, music, matcha, (most things) Japan, donuts, night walks, rainy days, languages, hiking and other people's dogs. My inner world is rich and nuanced.

From this dynamic space, I create scentscapes, textures and color palettes that delight the senses and transport the user. My skincare brand is my fantasy world come to life- nostalgic, indulgent, bold, alluring, unexpected and always, honest.

I hope you love it here.