Deodorant That Works! | Try All 3 Scents | All Day Protection | No Baking Soda or Aluminum Live Like You Green It

Deodorant That Works! | Try All 3 Scents | All Day Protection | No Baking Soda or Aluminum

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Why choose when you can try all 3 of Live Like You Green It’s effective natural deodorant creams! Each natural deodorant is effective, gentle, long-lasting, creamy and easy to use.

Formulated for all genders and ages:

1. Tea Tree + Lavender It
〰️ Soothing
〰️ Calming
〰️ Deep + Warm

2. Grapefruit + Geranium
〰️ Powdery
〰️ Floral
〰️ Cheerful

3. *NEW* Yuzu + Lemongrass
〰️ Bright
〰️ Warm Citrus
〰️ Uplifting

This is the perfect zero waste gift set for anyone starting or living their best sustainable lifestyle.


Our natural deodorant works to keep your pits dry, odor-free and moisturized. Organic arrowroot powder does a great job at keeping you dry throughout the day, while natural minerals neutralize odor-causing bacteria. Our base of organic Shea, coconut and sunflower oils soften and moisturize often rough underarm skin.

No more embarrassing moments with natural products that just don’t deliver. This natural deodorant works!


〰️ Our 2oz(60ml) tin of deodorant cream lasts 2-3 months with everyday use. It is the perfect travel size.

〰️ Our 4oz(120ml) tin is for serious deo users! Will last 3-6 months depending on use.

Are you ready to experience this LLYGI cult favorite?

ZERO WASTE PACKAGING: Aluminum tin is reusable & recyclable. Kraft paper label is compostable & recyclable.

*Some may need a brief detox period while transitioning to natural deodorant. Others adjust immediately. You may notice your natural body odor as you transition. This is normal. Be patient :)

〰️ Live Like You Green It is a collection of vegan skincare products consciously formulated with the finest organic ingredients & environmentally safe packaging (glass, aluminum & paper). Each product is handcrafted with intention & style. LLYGI is a solo-female + Black-owned shop.〰️

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